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We will always do our best to provide experienced mentors. However, unforeseen circumstances can arise that are outwith the control of Dear mentor. Although we will do everything to prevent this happening, it may not always be possible. With this mind, any service should be taken as a guideline and not a guarantee of results.



In the event that you have a complaint regarding a service purchased from DEAR MENTOR please contact us at:

Email: help@dearmentor.me

Tel: 400-686-1581



If you conclude that the service does not finish on time or if you are not completely satisfied with it, you can choose to refund for the service within 15 days. A negotiation processing with your mentor about this event goes first as suggested. Negotiation failure could be handled by our Client Relations Team.

Alternatively, if you wish to stop an on-going service or if you apply for a refund for YOUR OWN REASONS, we will deal with your orders as the following two options:

1) If you request a refund before the service begins, we will assume your order is cancelled and refund the full amount to you, or give you an exchange as required;

2) If you request a refund after the service begins, we apologize for any inconvenience but we do not provide any refunds on this event.

Please do not forget to complete your REFUND FORM and details of the refund or exchange you require. Once your refund form is accepted you will be issued with an exchange or refund. We can only refund the method originally used for payment. Please tell us why you are refunding or exchanging to help us improve our service and management in the future.



It is your own right to choose the proper mentor at www.dearmentor.me and request a service that you needed. We send you confirmation email within 24 hours of your request being accepted by mentors. Once you have received your confirmation email, please ensure you make the payment within 48 hours.

To securely receive payments over the internet, we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect your personal information and payment details. We take security seriously and have put in place appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard this information we collect. We welcome orders from all over the world. Orders must be paid for by Paypal or Alipay. Customers will be responsible for any VAT if charged.

DEAR MENTOR reserves the right to refuse any orders at any point.



You must not submit any messages to the site that are defamatory, offensive, menacing, abusing, obscene, racist, or likely to cause nuisance, offence or embarrassment, damage or inconvenience to either us or our mentors, or other customers. We retain the right to reject any service you may request and remove any such comments placed by you.



If you have any questions or comments regarding our services or privacy practices, you may contact us at:

Dear mentor

No.219, Tianfu 3rd Street, Chengdu, China

We can also be reached by phone at 400-686-1581 and by e-mail at help@dearmentor.me.




Frequently Asked Questions About DEAR MENTOR


Dear mentor provides expert guidance and assistance to thousands of college-application, just like you. Our goal is for you to receive the help you seek and be successful in your college-application.


Below you will find a few points that we believe may be helpful as you engage with your mentor. What is Dear mentor?

Dear mentor, an online platform that connect 1-on-1 with 1000+ mentors from more than 300+ universities, is an Airbnb in college-application industry. We have over 1000+ mentors over the world offering application mentoring and low-cost courses.

For over 3 years, Dear mentor’s thousands of mentors have supported the success of college-application students nationwide. Dear mentor mentoring is confidential.


How does your mentoring service work?

Dear mentor provides services through our mentors. You can meet with a mentor online from your dream school. To request a mentor, visit DIY Booking and search for a mentor by keyword, school, university name, program, location or mentor. If you prefer, we can also make a match for you based on your specific question.


Dear mentor’s experienced mentors provide consultation, resume editing, essay editing, mock interview and other relevant services on every aspect of college-application, preparation and after-application.


How could I contact a mentor?

Once you have successfully made the payment, you could send messages and files via message box in your account. It is highly recommended to use message box to communicate with mentors for protecting your rights.


How could I become a mentor?

If interested in becoming one of our mentors,complete an application. Your application will be sent to our Recruitment Team for review. The Recruitment Team will contact you for an interview within one week if your application has been assessed. Invitation-only interviews are conducted at the discretion of the Dear mentor Recruitment team after the submission of the application form. Contact help@dearmentor.me for more information.


What resources are available on Dearmentor.me?

Since 2015, Dear mentor has offered a 1-on-1 online course for college-applicant-www.dearmentor.me. In addition to mentoring, we offer online-workshop, live webinars, material benefits for application, and the Dear mentor official WeChat blog with info on current trends in application.


If you have any additional questions, email help@dearmentor.me.

Dear mentor's interpretation shall prevail (in case there are different interpretations regarding the Terms and Conditions).